A Masterpiece of the Art of the Fifteenth Century that is in danger of extinction

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A Masterpiece of the Art of the Fifteenth Century that is in danger of extinction


The frescoes of the “Master of Cercenasco” in the apse of St. Anna, located in the center of the town of Cercenasco, a small center of the plain of Pinerolo, in Piedmont (Italy), are in state of serious degradation.

To attract the attention of the public institutions and potential sponsors, was established at the beginning of July 2013 a committee, chaired by the councillor to the culture Vincenzo Laurenti. A few days later, the famous art critic Vittorio Sgarbi has come to surprise to visit the frescoes urging the Minister for Cultural Assets in person to intervene.


For Sgarbi is a very important opera of Italian Renaissance art in Piedmont and losing it would be a crime.

The committee has opened a fundraising through Paypal and he has decided to appeal to the hundreds of families who, in the last century, emigrated to the United States and Argentina.

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“We have asked the help of all citizens of Cercenasco – explains Marco Civra, publisher and president of the Center for Studies Silvio Pellico – but we are few. For this reason we dare turn also to those who have an ancient bond and away with this beautiful country, because descendants of emigrants, nineteenth and twentieth century. To them we turn the invitation to talk about this artistic masterpiece that is unique in their own countries, to spread the photographs and the history of this painter, which, however, has never found out the name, and, if they wish, send us even small donations.”

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To support the restorations is possible to do a payment with your credit card through the Paypal account to comitatosantannacercenasco@gmail.com.

“We don’t dare to hope that some large multinational want to sponsor the restorations – concludes Marco Civra – even though in reality the amount required doesn’t exceed one hundred thousand Euros and the publicity that would ensue would be extensive. “Comitato Sant'Anna_Pagina_09 


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